We at UMW Bike Safety believe that bicycle safety should be a priority at the University of Mary Washington. When choosing a topic for a digital campaign we had all incidents where we had either almost hit or almost been hit while biking or walking. The objective for our campaign is for the University of Mary Washington students and faculty to be aware of their surroundings. When creating our campaign we took into account of the different messages and theories to use. For our final outcome we wanted a behavior change. We used the Theory of Planned Behavior to help us predict the behavior of our audience. Though we could not completely rely on these predictions, we used attitudes combined with perceived controls and norms to achieve our outcome.

Plan of Action

To achieve our set goal we needed to communicate to our audience through different messages. We first created an online survey to get the opinion of our fellow students and faculty. We received over one hundred and seventeen replies to support our theory. We also set up four social media accounts, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to reach more UMW students by using the biggest social networks. To better our knowledge of bike safety, we researched other universities for bike accidents to compare our results with other major schools. The data showed that many schools had bike safety regulations in place to create a safe environment for all university students, staff and faculty. For the last message, we created a game similar to polar plunge. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties and lost the completed game, but the main objective was to create an awareness for students to understand the importance of bike safety.

Welcome to Our New Website!


We, at UMW Bike Safety, would like to introduce our new site to the community of Fredericksburg, Virginia! Whether you are a curious student or community member, everyone is welcome to view our site in order to learn about the many ways you can make Fredericksburg a safer community for bicyclists, pedestrians, and even drivers! Feel free to explore the informative and interactive selections in the tabs on the left, and check out our social medias for frequent tips, pictures, and advice from our Bike Safety staff!

Here at the University of Mary Washington, whether using a bicycle or walking along campus, we are all in a hurry to get somewhere. With this, it creates a problem. Bikers and walkers do no communicate with each other, which causes accidents to occur. We have compiled data from surveys and research from other universities to support our theory. We need to reach the students, staff and faculty of UMW through social media, surveys and our website.


Your UMW Bike Safety Staff